Palm Sunday Message and Bulletin

Dear First Congregational Church of KPT members, friends and visitors,
I hope this email finds you warm, safe and healthy in your homes, as we all do our part to stay in place and stay home. This coming Palm Sunday and for all the Sunday’s following, including Easter we will continue to meet on Facebook Live or by visiting the church’s website to view the recorded online service. I’ve attached a Bulletin and music for you to participate and be able to sing at home. Each week, I will send you and email with an attachment with the bulletin and music to print out. The bulletin will also be posted on the church’s website for people to follow with the service. This being Palm Sunday, I might suggest you can gather a streamer, scarf, a pine branch or print out the palm frond you can create, you can also wave your hand as we celebrate the Palm Sunday and the beginning of Holy Week. If you click on the link below, you’ll be able to print out a palm frond that can be created.
This Sunday we will share together Holy Communion in our online interactive worship. Before the time of the service you will want to prepare some bread, a slice of small loaf of any kind of bread. In some parts of the world tortilla, rice cake, cassava, are used as this element which is defined not as a wheat product but as the most common food of the people. Let it be something you alone or you with others n your house may break and share prepare a cup or cups of juice – perhaps grape or cranberry, or wine, with or without alcohol.
Set these elements in the living room or kitchen where you experience worship electronically with our faith community. Perhaps you want to put them on a lovely cloth or fabric that reminds you of a special time or a person deeply connected with you in the communion of saints. Perhaps you will light a candle or place a flower or a plant or the photograph of someone you wish to bring into the circle of faith beside the bread and the cup.
Thank you for your preparation.
Blessings to you all,
Pastor Charlotte