First Congregational Church has been an important part of Kennebunkport for over 275 years. This church has a long history and is considered the oldest in the area since its founding in 1730. We are a family church located on the outskirts of the historic village of Kennebunkport, Maine. Located at the crossroads of North Street and Log Cabin Road, this area was the center of town in 1893.

Kennebunkport is a tourist town with a winter population of over 3,500 and a summer population nearing 12,000. We are a warm, welcoming, neighborly church, respectful of the environment. We are a New England church and treasure our independent Congregational tradition while supporting the United Church of Christ and its ministries. We are home to vacationers and summer residents, as well as a family to our Kennebunkport residents.

Over the years we have been a “mission oriented” church seeking to respond to the needs of our immediate community, our state, nation, and the world in which we live. Our work consists of formulating goals which will establish programs to respond to those needs with the funds available through the church budget and donations of materials and monies from our church attendees.


Music is an important part of our worship. Our Hook Organ, which was installed in this church in 1916, was built in 1854, was extensively reconditioned in 2007, and is regularly played at Sunday morning worship. In June 2016, we celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the gift of this organ to our church from our friends at South Congregational Church in Kennebunkport.  The picture above is from that special occasion.

Members recognized the importance of our 1854 E. & G.G. Hook Organ.  We launched a major fundraising campaign in 2016 and entered into a contract with David E.  Wallace and Co. of Gorham to do the restoration work.  Joyce Painter Rice was our music director. Her enthusiasm and commitment to the project never wavered.  The meticulous restoration work was completed in 2018 and culminated with a celebratory concert featuring  Kevin Birch in June 2019.

Music continues to enhance each Sunday worship.  Music Director, Barbara Berry, a local artist and musician, plays a wide variety of musical selections each week. By her own admission, she is not an organist, but her offerings, whether on our piano, her keyboard or the organ, always delight.

The members of the church are committed to their church and to one another. Following worship each week is an opportunity to gather for coffee and refreshments in our Fellowship Hall. We support one another during difficult times and we celebrate each other’s joys. If you are looking for a new church home, you are welcome to join us any Sunday.