Tomato and Plant Sale

June 6, 2020 from 9-12  .  Tomato and plant sale.   Below is a listing of the tomato plants that will be available.

Tomato Inventory


  1. Stellar: 70-75 days

Beautiful red, round, 5-7 oz.

Delious slicing tomato

Perfect for all uses.

Determinate (AAS winner)

Qty: 75 plants


  1. Big Beef: 73 days

Large 9-16 oz. Indeterminate with

old fashion rich flavor. (AAS winner)

Qty: 40 plants


  1. Juliet: 60 days

Indeterminate. Elongated cherry tomato.

Great salad tomato, sweet flavor, won’t crack.

Heavy yield of 1 oz. tomatoes (AAS winner)

Qty: 25 plants


  1. Galahad: 75 days

Determinate. Large, round, great tasting 12 oz.

Excellent all around tomato. Strong, high yielding

and crack resistant. (AAS winner)

Qty: 55 plants