Preserve History.
Make Music.

– Our Heritage –

The seaside towns of Arundel, Kennebunk and Kennebunkport are rich with beauty and history. The fact that much of the history and stories of previous generations can still be enjoyed by current residents and visitors is due to the intentional preservation of buildings and documents that attest to the past. Many of these artifacts and buildings no longer function in their original intent but yet we recognize their historical value so we preserve them in hopes to keep the stories alive for future generations.

 – Our Organ –

We believe that the Hook Organ in our small sanctuary located in Kennebunkport, ME is unique and special in not only accompanying the human voice in singing hymns and beautiful music, but also because of the stories it tells of the past and the history that it represents. Over 150 years since its creation, virtually in its original condition, this organ is still being used to make music today. Like restoring an old car that can’t be replaced these organs were built with a different level of personal care, concern and artistry versus modern mass production factories and assembly lines. We believe that with the proper investment, this organ will continue to tell stories through music for another century.

Originally built in 1854 by E.&G.G. Hook of Boston for the Second Parish Church of Kennebunkport (South Church), this was the 177th organ produced by the company. Having been transferred to our ownership years ago, we have grown to sincerely appreciate the craftsmanship of previous generations and the fact that this organ wasn’t meant to be disposable. This is why we are passionate about the Organ Restoration Project at First Congregational Church of Kennebunkport.

– Our Goal-

Our goal is to raise $45,000 for the work that needs to be done in restoring this special piece of history. We have already been blessed with about $43,000 towards this goal. If you would like to help preserve history and continue to make music, we would be grateful for any contribution towards this cause.

Despite the need for some repair and long-term restoration, the organ is still functioning well enough for our music director to continue making music while we work to raise the funds for this project. We invite you to one of the upcoming concerts where you can hear this organ in action and sing along with us to make music. Hope to see you soon.

– Donate –

Will you help preserve history and make music by supporting our organ restoration project?

Upcoming Events

We will be having late spring and summer concerts.

 Information will be posted as details become available.